Visiting Lisa Stack’s gorgeous store Helix in Sydney’s Surry Hills was like finding that elusive place you’ve always dreamed of finding in India or Paris or Morocco. It’s like stepping into your own private exquisite dress up box full of clothes that make you feel and look fabulous.

You can change your look from elegant to esoteric. Layer upon layer.
And my word, they’re comfy. As comfy as pajamas, while as gorgeous as saris or kimonos.

I treasure my HELIX clothes. They are very well made, with craft, not fashion as their base. I have pieces that are over 20 years old, that I still wear and get compliments on.
— Justine C.
Lisa’s clothes always make me feel distinct & special. Glamorous I could say, if it weren’t for the fact that they are so darn practical.
Even one piece can lift an ordinary outfit to something extraordinary.
— Suellen E.
I wound up buying two of Lisa’s tops and a pair of her silk Japanese fisherman’s pants that were so very, very comfortable. I don’t think I’ll ever take them off again!
— Lisa S.
Here’s what I love most about HELIX, her clothes are inventive and beautiful and comfortable.
— Alison L.
While I was at Helix three other women tried on clothes. Two of them much older than me, one much younger. One larger than me, two smaller. And here’s the thing: we all looked wonderful in her clothes.